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Have you ever wanted to write a book? It doesn't matter what kind - children's, mystery, romance, history. All writing involves sitting down and putting your thoughts on paper. And doing it the right way. (You do want to publish this, right?) And in order to get an agent or publisher to look at your work, you have to have it in a correct format and written well. This book is designed to help you do that.

There are almost 350 pages here, many, many thoughts, all written to give you a jump start on this thing we call "writing." Putting things down the right way; editing your work so it looks right; getting rid of improper words and poorly written pages; and making your work appear on pages that will cause your agent or publisher to say, "Maybe this has what it takes."

I'm not an expert in doing this writing thing. Everything you will see here is simply my own words, written my own way, set out in a way I've learned over fifteen or so years of doing this myself. But, maybe there's something here that will help you get a start on this "writing" that will help you, or that you can pass on to a friend, ahead of having to find it all out on your own.

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