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Have you decided to write a book? It doesn't matter what kind - romance, history, children's story, mystery. There is simply so much you need to know as you begin this solitary, almost painful, adventure.

   There are almost 350 pages in this book and it was written to give you some idea of what your readers want and how to provide for those wants. What you really need to know and remember. How to make your cover and the interior of your book attractive. And, how to make your book enjoyable for your readers, and for your agents and publishers.

   Especially, how to market and sell your book.

   So many things you will need to know.

   Some menu items: Writing: What's It All About; Some of the Technical Elements; How Do People Read; What's Your Point of View; Building Your Plot. and lots more. Editing: What Is It?; Why Should I Edit?; Editing Your Book. and lots more. Publishing: What Is Publishing?; Types of Publishers. and again, lots more. Marketing: What Is Marketing?; How to Market Your Novel; How to Sell Your Novel.

   Yep, the book is for you (and for anyone else you may pass it on to.) You'll get a lot from it and it will help you in writing your "baby."

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