The Books

   This is where you'll find all the information about the books. You can get the basics about the writing and then click on to the book pages themselves.

   The writing started about 1998 when I recognized how Ayn Rand's great novel, Atlas Shrugged, ended while showing almost the same situation as was appearing today. That novel, SANCTION, took about ten years to write and publish, but it felt right. I didn't really have any idea about writing more.

   As soon as I pushed the GO button, though, to send SANCTION to the publisher, my mind started whirling with new stories, and the rest came about.

   I enjoy the writing and certainly look forward to hearing from my readers and getting into conversations with them. I hope you will enjoy the books and definitely hope you will write me.

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This novel is coming soon.

John Stockman, an ex-CIA agent, has been imprisoned without reason or warrant in a place that has been almost forgotten - a place almost no one knows of.

Now he is united with The Shepherd, Luke Turner, and is being taken out of his old life into one in which he can disappear and be safe.

But, can he simply walk away from the terror, and the government deceivers, and leave them back there with their safe houses and riches, or must he and his small group of friends reach out through the danger and stop them?