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There exist in the world a number of people who have decided they can no longer wait for humanity to implode. They know if they wait for a great political or spiritual leader to rise up, it will simply be too late.

Luke Turner is a quiet man, retired from an army and mercenary background that still haunts him. Now he discovers an old friend has killed himself while trying to wake people up to the terror that is confronting them. As he struggles to understand his friend's mission, he becomes aware of people around him who have dared to speak out against some of the evil they see, or who have been innocently caught in webs of crime, people who are desperate to escape the chaos around them and find new lives.

He decides to help those who need to run and he becomes The Shepherd.

There are some people who want to fight evil in any way they can, or to expose it, to warn people of coming chaos.

Some of these people have been called Watchmen, and The Shepherd realizes his place may be with them.

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