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When Jacob Asch is born, the nation of Israel has just begun and his life becomes one of doing everything he can to ensure the survival of his beloved country. However, soon that passion has to refocus toward the world in general as it is being torn apart because of the evil that moves events.

As chaos develops in every land; as rockets fly; as madmen methodically tear apart every vestige of goodness; as whole countries are driven back to lives they grew out of hundreds of years before; what can be done to prevent the evil from succeeding and to enable the world to regain a semblance of peace?

JACOB is a story of one man, and a small group of friends, who live the events of today and who fight to keep the world from dying and falling into the hands of manipulators intent on changing and controlling it to fit their own agendas, agendas of evil and chaos.

Can one ordinary man be strong enough, dedicated enough, to face the forces we see around us today and bring about change? What weapon can be strong enough to face down the evil confronting the world?

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