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Is the world really like this? Scary. (Faye)     Too much realism. But more please. (Sandy)

Just read JACOB. Exactly like what really goes on here. Thanks. (David - Israel)

Can you send me the rest of them? (Atsuko - Hong Kong)     All too real, Jim. Keep it up. (Jeff)

You've been there, done that, haven't you? (Sandy)     Real, and scary. (Fran)

Been a reader for many years. These books wouldn't let go of me. (Bob)

You've got to follow Jim and get his books. Talk about real life. (Andy)

COP was so real. (Judy)     These stories keep me from work, etc. Great. (Susan)

Never knew what was coming next. (Frank)     Wow. (Howie)     Keep writing, Jim. (Hank)

LESSER EVIL really laid out the world like it is. Next? (Bobbie)

Thank you so much for getting this to me. Wonderful. (Shinzu - Japan)

Just got through Therefore I Am. Is that prison a real place? (Ben)

Maybe now I can get some sleep. Maybe not. (Adam)     Too real. (James)

Real people. Real places. Real events? (Barb)     Talk about read between the lines. (Mark)

Grisham's got nothing on Magwood. Got to get more. (Ralph)

If you follow the news, these will reach you. True to life. (Albert - Germany)

Will the WATCHMEN really weep? They don't - in our country. Elites run it all. (Alice)

Yes, real cops have emotions. May have to hide the toughness, but really do cry. (Amanda)

As good as Patterson any day. Very well researched, written. (Francis)

He just writes what is real. You can get it all from your nightly telly, but is it truth? (Sherm - England)

Four done. Can I do the rest? Or is life already so out of place? (Gail)

Some of the best writing I've seen, and I agent some of the best. More. (Susan)

Real tearjerkers in the Watchmen. The wolf mimicked the characters well. (Howard)

Just came from conference with speaker from Mossad. He told your same stories. (Natalie)

You've simply got to get these books. Too good. Too real. Life right from daily news. (Karen)

Oh my. These are super. Gotta get more. (Sandy)    Great books. Sounds real to me. (John)

Highly recommend. Great writing and reading. (Antoine - Spain)

Thank you so much for this. Totally real, and scary. (JoAnne)

Wonderful writing, Jim. Keep it up. (Julia)     No sleep with these books. (Paul)

Great reading (but terrifying) about our "good" leaders. Good books. (Jeff)

There are just so many evil things to keep us awake. Write them all, Jim. (Bob)

Oh, my. Is this what it's really like out there? (Sandy)

Here's my order for the rest, Jim. Too good to pass up. (Karl)