About The Books

   The novels started beginning in about 1998 when I began writing SANCTION. I had read Ayn Rand's magnificent novel, ATLAS SHRUGGED, while still in High School shortly after it was published about 1957. It so impacted me that I re-read it every few years from then on. Every time something bad happened in the world, I would say, "Okay. Time to read Atlas Shrugged again."

   My novel was not a sequel to it, but I recognized that the conditions she left from in the book, with the heroes returning to "save the world," were the same conditions I found our world in in about 1998. And a story began to gel. SANCTION was born.

   I thoroughly enjoy the writing, and my overall direction is to see what is going on around me, the evil, chaos, destruction and fear in the world, and to put together a story that will explain that to my readers. I generally say, "What you see on your eleven o'clock news is what my story is about," and most readers reply, "Yeah, I just saw that last night."

   The novels are all available as e-books in every format through Smashwords and in both paperbacks and e-books through Amazon. And, yes, you can get them direct from me, autographed and postage paid, by clicking on the BUY NOW button on each book's page.

   More books will be coming out, but you can get started on these and watch for the new ones to hit the shelves (or air-waves.) And, if you would be kind enough to leave a review somewhere, I would greatly appreciate it.

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