About Jim

Yep, this is Jim at the ranch.
Yep, this is Jim at the ranch.

Hi, I'm Jim Magwood and I want to introduce myself and my books and help you in your writing endeavors. I moved into authoring several years ago, got some books published, and now want to pass on to you some of the help I've received from other writers.

   I was born in Vancouver, Canada, too many years ago and was dragged across the border by my parents when I was too young to protest. I've basically lived in California since then.

   I entered the military right after high school, then attended college and began a career in business. My military work and the years I spent in various business management positions had me traveling to many parts of the world and I remember well the beauty (as well as the poverty and unrest) of so many places.

   I retired early and moved from the city to my quiet country place in Twin Oaks, California, with my lovely wife, Gayle. The loudest noises now are some howling coyotes, the wandering cattle and a million raucous birds. The rabbits and quail and a few coyotes have come to recognize that Shiloh (the ranch) is a sanctuary for them, so they hang around every day looking for handouts.

   I basically just hang around the ranch trying to be a hermit (at least that's what a lot of people think.) I do still manage to get shaved once in a while and can look half-way presentable when someone comes up the driveway (if given enough warning.)

   My work now appears to be writing and helping others who are trying to do the same. SANCTION, my first novel, took about ten years to finish as it was written in bits and pieces. Now THE LESSER EVIL, COP, NIGHTMARE, JACOB, ONLY THE WATCHMEN WEEP and THEREFORE I AM are on the shelves.

   I would love to hear from you. Give me a write some day, ask questions and swap stories. After all, I don't have anything else to do. You can catch me at JimMagwood@aol.com. (And I do answer my mail.) My website is http://www.JimMagwood.org.