Welcome to my site. I've been a writer for several years and have greatly appreciated the help other people have given me. You can look me up at the About button above.

I'm really into two things now.

One is writing new novels and getting them out to you, the readers. I enjoy the writing, and I especially enjoy hearing from my reading public. You'll find the novels here and I hope you'll enjoy them (and that you'll write me.)

The other thing is helping other authors, both new and seasoned, in their writing endeavors. Yes, I'm a ghostwriter and you can read more about that here. The other, more important thing, is that I want to pass on some of the help I've received to other people on this writing journey.

So, jump in and see what there might be to excite you.


Jim Magwood
Yep, this is Jim at the ranch.

Here are almost 350 pages of writing helps: Things You Need To Know About Writing, Editing, Publishing and Marketing Your Book.

As I state in the text, I'm not an expert in this. Everything in this book is written in my own words, with ideas from my own mind, and thoughts from me, gathered over my fifteen+ years of doing this writing thing. But, you might get something from the text in regard to your own writing that might inspire you. What this will do, though, is give you a lot of ideas to work out and learn before you start this process we call "authoring."

Click here and go to the actual book page to learn more and to order the book direct from me. And yes, I promise I'll always be here to help you along this writing path.




Here are some of the things you'll find in the site.

1. Here are all my novels. See them and read the descriptions; buy them here through PayPal.

2. Great helps for writers. Get a FREE book on writing how-tos. Check the sources for other help items. Check out the people who are willing to help.


   What does it take to be an author? It is not just sitting down with an idea and writing a book. There's so much more. But two main things are always there.

   One is deciding what you want to do, then making plans necessary to write: find a place to do your work; get the materials necessary; research your story idea; and write. (Check out the book "So You've Written A Book. Now What?" for the details.)

   The other thing is to grab on to the determination to get it done and to not let anything deter you. (More on that in the book, "So You've Written A Book. Now What?") It will take work. It's not easy. But, you CAN eventually say, "I did it."




<a href="http://jimmagwood.org/so-youve-written-a-book-now-what/"></a>

     So you've started writing a book, and now you're stuck? What's it all about anyway, and what are you supposed to know? Everything here (So You've Written A Book. Now What?) is gathered from my years of learning how to write and I want to share it with you, so click to the book page and read all about it.

The e-book is FREE!